Wednesdays A-G

*Note – Most of the ideas for our crafts have come from various sites scattered throughout the internet. Links for the original sources are provided.

*Note –  We always began our lesson with writing practice on the specific letter of the day. Before the school year I wrote out A, a and 1 (B, b and 2; C, c and 3; etc.) in a writing journal for him to practice his writing. He began the year not having the first idea how to hold a pen, and here we are in January and he can write full words and sentences. 

*Note – On Wednesdays, we did a specific lesson on the letter of the week. 

A – Attention

On this day we played select games to increase his attention span. Mother May I, Freeze (playing music and stopping it every once in a while where he would ‘freeze’) and Bingo were among the games we played that day. We read Waiting For Mr. Goose by Laurie Lears.


B – Basic Math

Taking an opportunity to insert some basic math for his “B” lesson this week, we read some stories about numbers and counting. Our worksheets were on addition and subtraction. For our craft, I had him glue apples to a tree and have some “falling off” to get a feel for subtraction. He counted how many apples there were to begin with and then how many were falling off the tree. The final number was his answer for the subtraction problem.


After we did this craft, we did a craft on addition in which Cole glued black circles onto ladybug’s wings. He counted how many circles was on each wing to get a sum of how many total black circles there were.


C – Cystic Fibrosis

For our “c” lesson, I chose to teach Cole something about himself in that he has cystic fibrosis. We began with two worksheets on lungs and the digestive system as I explained what cystic fibrosis actually is (a disorder that creates a buildup of mucous in the lungs and makes it difficult to breathe, also making it very easy to catch pneumonia and other illnesses. It also affects the digestive system because those with c.f. may not have a functioning pancreas so it makes it difficult to digest their food. They take special enzymes before eating. To see more information on c.f. please visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website). It helped to really teach him what he’s taking as medication and understand his body. We read a few great stories I had been given called Who I Am by Brent Gairy and Mallory’s 65 Roses by Diane Shader Smith. Our craft for the day was to create a purple ribbon for CF awareness. The rose at the top is for the CFF’s motto “65 Roses.”


*This lesson can be seen on my channel Our Happy Homeschool

D – Direction

Today we did a lesson on directions (up, down, etc). Our story for the day was Up, Down and Around by Katherine Ayers. I created my own worksheet for this lesson by using a clipart of an arrow and making it point in different directions. Underneath the arrows, he would write the name of the direction it was pointing (Up, down, right and left). Our craft for the day was to make woven mats. Cole struggled a bit with this one, so I did the actual weaving while he glued the pieces together to keep them attached. However, he enjoyed picking the colors for his (his was the black, orange and purple one).


E – Exercise

This was a very fun lesson that strayed from our typical way of doing things. Instead of spending time at the table, I found a Mickey Mouse Exercise video (Remember those Mousecise videos?? Complete nostalgia for me this day, ^.^) on youtube. (Unfortunately, the husband was home for this bit of…embarrassment… But I used it as a chance to teach the children to not to worry about other people’s opinions and just have fun anyway. It was a great character building day!) Then we had an hour long recess outside so the boys could play and exercise outside.

F – Food Chart

Today I read Cole a book about the food chart and taught him that different foods nourish your body in different ways. I asked him to list out some of his favorite foods and I drew them for him. Together we placed them on their designated spots on the (old, I know) food pyramid. (This day I learned how eclectic my child’s taste was… Octopus was among his choices for favorite foods!)


G – Growing Up

My original plan for this day was to have a dress-up day in which Cole don different costumes per age group. However, this unfortunately didn’t work out and instead I drew out the different stages of life as a child and he was to line the pictures in the correct order. We read When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic as well as When You Grow Up by Lennie Goodings (a book I highly recommend, it is absolutely tender and sweet. Yes, it brought a tear to my eye…).

After “G” week was over, we took a week to review what we’d learned. Please check out our crafts and worksheets for the letters H-N on Wednesdays H-N!


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