Thursdays A-G

*Note – Most of the ideas for our crafts have come from various sites scattered throughout the internet. Links for the original sources are provided.

*Note –  We always began our lesson with writing practice on the specific letter of the day. Before the school year I wrote out A, a and 1 (B, b and 2; C, c and 3; etc.) in a writing journal for him to practice his writing. He began the year not having the first idea how to hold a pen, and here we are in January and he can write full words and sentences. 

*Note – For Bible Days, I went in consecutive order instead of choosing alphabetical lessons to follow. Additional materials I used for these days are the Children’s Storybook Bible as well as the DVD series that accompany and a workbook we found Best Book of Bible Activities.  

The 7 Days of Creation

Using the Children’s Storybook Bible, we cycled through the seven days of Creation. (I was fortunate that our lesson this week was accompanied with our Awana lesson, as well. I definitely suggest finding a local church that hosts Awana classes as they are very helpful in instilling these Bible lessons and quite fun for the children) I cut out different shapes for the seven days and we used small paper plates and decorated them with the order of the days.

16 17

Adam and Eve

This day I explained to Cole the story of Adam and Eve. I taught him that Satan took the form of a snake and and told Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit, which she then convinced Adam to eat. We had a coloring page to accompany this lesson. (It was so ironic that our Awana verse for this week was ‘All Have Sinned’ so that absolutely helped with enforcing this lesson) After watching this story on the Children Storybook Bible DVD, we did a craft with small paper plates, fruit loops, a string and markers. This craft helped with Cole’s fine motor skills as well.


Noah’s Ark

We skipped over the Cain and Abel story to move on to something more child-friendly, Noah’s Ark. We started the lesson with a connect-the-dots worksheet. I decided to make this more exciting for the boys so I gathered some of their toys, including a toy boat, and moved into the bathroom to create a more hands on lesson. Using the shower head I made it appear as though it were raining on the people. As the water raised, the boat would rise with it but the people below would sink. Finally, once all the toys were under except for the boat, I stopped the water and brought out a “rainbow” to explain God’s promise that he would never flood the earth again. The boys thoroughly enjoyed this lesson. For craft time, I cut out a few shapes for an ark and used a bag of sticky animals I had found at Wal-Mart the night before for the animals on the ark. Cole placed them on wherever as I explained that Noah was to bring two of each animal on board.


Abraham and Sarah

(*Note – This story is not in the Children’s Storybook Bible, however I found a video on youtube hereI took this opportunity to introduce Cole to word searches. I found this lesson to be vital as it demonstrates the strength of God’s promises and love. I did not have a craft for this lesson, however I let Cole play with a stuffed animal and explained to him that Sarah and Abraham desperately wanted a child. I told him that God promised they would have more children than they could count.

Moses Pt. 1: Baby Moses

I felt that the story of Moses is quite involved and detailed, and so I broke the story into three parts (Baby Moses on the river, Moses leads God’s chosen people out of Egypt and The Ten Commandments). This first lesson we skipped over a worksheet to do a fun craft of Moses among the reeds. I explained to Cole that the Pharaoh was after all the Hebrew babies and that his mommy had to save him and hide him in a basket that she sent down the river. I taught him that the Pharaoh’s daughter found him and decided to raise him as her own but the power and love of God is so strong because she chose Moses’ real mother to be his nurse. This craft involves only using construction paper and a bit of imagination. (Love the face Cole drew? ^.^)


Moses Pt. 2: Moses Leads God’s People out of Egypt

To continue the lessons on Moses, I read straight from the Bible the story of how Pharaoh kept denying Moses’ request to take his people from Egypt. We started with gluing different shapes onto paper bags for the ten plagues of Egypt. I sat with Cole and went through each bag telling him what each meant and that with each one the Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he still said no. With the last one, he finally said yes but changed his mind as Moses and his people got to the Red Sea. His worksheet was a coloring page of God separating the sea into two walls so his people could cross. We finished this lesson with watching The Prince of Egypt.


Moses Pt. 3: The Ten Commandments

We finished off the Moses lessons with the Ten Commandments. I had to really simplify the wording for him to understand, so I found a worksheet to outline the them and found clipart on google to accompany. I wrote out numbers 1-10 on different sheets of construction paper and let him glue them on.


(My simplified versions of the Ten Commandments:

  1. No other Gods.
  2. Nothing is more important than God. 
  3. God’s name is powerful.
  4. Rest on “Sabbath” (Saturday) and go to church on Sunday
  5. Listen and obey mommy and daddy
  6. Do not kill
  7. Stay faithful to your husband / wife
  8. Do not steal
  9. Don’t lie, tell the truth
  10. Do not want other people’s things. Be happy with what you have.)


After this week was over, we took a week to review what we’d learned. Please check out our crafts and worksheets for Joshua and Jericho all the way through to Jesus’ Birth on Thursdays H-N!


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