Tuesdays A-G

*Note – Most of the ideas for our crafts have come from various sites scattered throughout the internet. Links for the original sources are provided.

*Note –  We always began our lesson with writing practice on the specific letter of the day. Before the school year I wrote out A, a and 1 (B, b and 2; C, c and 3; etc.) in a writing journal for him to practice his writing. He began the year not having the first idea how to hold a pen, and here we are in January and he can write full words and sentences. 

A – Accordion

Our first lesson on music was for an accordion. Every music lesson was accompanied by a youtube video on that instrument so we could hear what it sounded like. His worksheet for the day was a coloring page of an accordion. Afterwards we read a story called What Pete Ate by Maira Kalman in which a dog chows down on all sorts of random items, one of which being an accordion. Our craft for the day was to make accordion animals. We made a pig, a cow and an alligator (to accompany the previous day’s lesson on alligators).

*Note – Select Days were missed for Cole’s cystic fibrosis appointments. One of which being the “B” for music day. 

C – Clarinet

It was my intention for this day to demonstrate a clarinet for Cole, but since I hadn’t played since I was in 7th grade, that plan failed…miserably… However, we continued as normal with a coloring worksheet on clarinets and he listened to the instrument on youtube. We had a failed attempt, unfortunately, to create a clarinet from two paper towel rolls this day so there is no featured picture. (Ah, you win some you lose some)

D – Drum

My little drummer boys had a blast with this craft. On this day Cole’s worksheet was on counting drums. We also read a story called Jamari’s Drum by Eboni Bynum. Not only did this help accompany his lesson on the instrument, but it also introduced a little bit of culture for him. For our craft, we gathered random containers that were in cylinder form, cutting out a circle from a plastic bag and fastening it around the container with pipe cleaners. Cole then decorated it with construction paper (glued onto the container), glue and stickers. This created a fun drum for the boys to beat on.


E – Electric Piano

Today I taught Cole a few songs including a new one titled “Piano Fingers” (to the tune of ‘Where is Thumbkin’). I had intended on bringing him to the local music store to try out an electric piano, unfortunately when we arrived there, the store was closed. So we came home and listened to piano music on youtube instead.

F – Flute

Cole was already quite a bit familiar with the flute as his aunt is quite astute at the instrument, so I decided to change it up a little and create a pan flute. We listened to some beautiful pan flute music as we created our own out of straws and tape.


The key to the craft is ensuring that each straw is shorter than the next. However, it does play when it is blown into, so it made for a very fun craft to create. I also decided to show the boys what a traditional flute looks like so we created one from a paper towel roll by cutting a long oval hole and four finger holes. Unfortunately, this one does not play quite as well as our pan flute, however.


His worksheet for that day was a coloring page on a flute.

G – Guitar

This day was quite a challenge with Cole, who simply “did not think he needed to school anymore” so after completing the bare minimum of a worksheet, I set him free. However, this is the intended craft for that day, which, in my opinion, would have been fun… so nyah.

After “G” week was over, we took a week to review what we’d learned. Please check out our crafts and worksheets for the letters H-N on Tuesdays H-N!


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