Mondays A-G

*Note – Most of the ideas for our crafts have come from various sites scattered throughout the internet. Links for the original sources are provided.

*Note –  We always began our lesson with writing practice on the specific letter of the day. Before the school year I wrote out A, a and 1 (B, b and 2; C, c and 3; etc.) in a writing journal for him to practice his writing. He began the year not having the first idea how to hold a pen, and here we are in January and he can write full words and sentences. 

A – Alligator

Our first animal craft of the year was for alligator. We began by reading the book Egad Alligator! by Harriet Ziefert. Then I took this opportunity to do a quick math lesson on “Greater Than / Less Than” comparison using the symbol of an alligator’s mouth. After worksheet time and reading time, I like to proceed into craft time. I found this template online. The previous night I had cut out the green squares and printed out a large letter “A” on the yellow sheet (as shown in the link provided). During craft time, Cole was to glue on the squares and add the little “A’s” for nourishment for our alligator. He created the eyes as well.



B – Bird

We began our day with reading A Bird About to Sing by Laura Nyman Montenegro. Our worksheet for the lesson was a on matching different types of birds to each other. And after reading and worksheet time, I gave both Isaac and Cole zip lock bags and we headed outside to gather all sorts of sticks and grass to build a nest. The boys loved this as they were able to be little explorers finding all sorts of treasures to put into their bags. After filling their baggies, we came inside and glued the pieces to a little bird nest I had cut out for them out of construction paper.


C – Cat

Today Isaac learned the sound a cat made. He was thrilled and sung his little meows all through our story time. We read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Socks by James Dean. Our worksheet was a phonics lesson on the different words the ending -at can make. Then out of construction paper we created Cole’s new cat Figaro (named after a cat we had to surrender last year).


D – Dog

We read Go, Dog, Go! by P.D. Eastman today and I noticed Cole’s reading ability begin to take off. (He was able to make it through the first few pages alone!) Our worksheet for the day was a matching shapes sheet. Then out of sandwich bags we created little puppy puppets of our own.


Cole had a great time with this one:


E – Elephant

Our story for the day was How to Catch an Elephant by Amy Schwartz. After dancing around like elephants (quite silly, arms were flailing everywhere and everyone was having a blast), we proceeded to do a worksheet on counting peanuts and linking them to the same amount of dots on elephants. After having done an accordion craft in the first week of school (See: Tuesday A-G post), I decided to incorporate that idea into Cole’s craft of the day as we made our own little elephant. Cole named him Horton, and added the eyebrows. (I mean, what’s an elephant without eyebrows? Silly mommy…)


F- Frog

We started the day with a coloring page of a frog. He quickly hurried to get that complete and learn about the different colors of frogs. Our craft for the day was to make frog masks. He decorated his with all sorts of stickers and rainbows as we hopped and played the rest of the school day.


*Note – This lesson can be seen on my vlog channel Our Happy Homeschool.

G – Giraffe

Cole’s cousin Tommy joined us this day for our lesson on Giraffes. I printed off a maze worksheet for the boys to finish. It reinforced both of their knowledge of shapes and patterns. Afterwards, I indulged the boys in a big bowl of cheerios as we completed our giraffe craft. We glued bits of cheerios onto an outline of a giraffe as we buried our faces in the treat.


After “G” week was over, we took a week to review what we’d learned. Please check out our crafts and worksheets for the letters H-N on Mondays H-N!


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